Honeybee Removal:

Residential Bee Removal

Removing honey bee colonies from unwanted locations is our passion.  
  • You won't be bombarded with noxious chemicals
  •  All removals performed by registered beekeepers
  •  Bee proofing services available on most structures
  •  Repairs for any type removal available
  •  We specialize in live removal and relocation to our apiaries and those of good friends
  •  Our removals may take a little longer because we take great care to save the genetics of the colony
  •  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority
Below are some of our favorite removal videos. You can view hundreds more on JP the Beeman's You Tube channel.

Avondale Garden Bee Removal
Honeybee Nightmare
Kenner Platform Bees
Old Hive Removed In Metairie, Louisiana
Honeybee Removal In Algiers, Louisiana (slideshow)

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