Honeybee Removal:

Swarm Relocation

Swarms may settle near your home or business. No problem, call JP and he or one of his guy's will come out and shake that swarm and find them a new home. Honey bees cast swarms for a variety of reasons. Here in southeast, Louisiana swarming season begins late February/early March. From February to about the first week of May these are primarily reproductive swarms. Every living thing wants to propagate, bees are no exception. All new honey bee colonies begin as a swarm which contains at least one queen and many thousands of bees. 

Come May honey bees primarily swarm when the hive becomes "honey bound". To no fault of their own worker bees are trying to fill all available comb space with honey. The queen thus runs out of room to lay eggs when the brood nest is backfilled with nectar. The colony decides it needs to swarm to alleviate this congestive condition. 

An abscond is when the entire colony must leave, sometimes with very little notice. These are by far the largest swarms one can come across. JP caught his biggest swarm ever which was likely an abscond. This swarm contained approximately 25,000 bees.

Encountering a honey bee swarm for the first time can be quite alarming to the lay person. To a beekeeper it is in fact a thing of beauty and an opportunity for a new hive. Believe it or not honey bee swarms are typically very gentle, but can become aggressive if provoked. The best thing you can do if faced with a swarm is to call the bee man. He or one of his guys will safely and humanely remove the swarm for you and find it a new home.  

JP the Bee Man will remove your swarm and take them to one of his apiaries where they can make honey and pollinate the world. 

Please call (504) 885-4489 immediately when confronted with a swarm. With swarms time is of the essence as they could decide to leave the current spot and enter your home or a neighbor's. 

Huge Honey Bee Swarm On SUV
Swarm Pictures
Two Swarms Caught In March Of 2012

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