Bee Removal

Honey bees, wasps and bumblebees serve a valuable purpose in nature. They pollinate flowers and some even feed on undesirable insects. But when these wonderful little marvels of nature build nests on your property or inside your home's walls, things can get out of hand. Why put yourself in a dangerous situation by trying to handle a large colony of stinging insects? Instead, let our experienced staff handle this sort of problem for you.

If it's honeybees, Armstrong's will assess the situation. The owner, Jeff Armstrong, aka "JP the bee man" is a registered beekeeper and expert bee removal specialist. Hives and swarms are removed live and relocated to Jeff's or friend's apiaries. It is our common practice to share the honey the bees have made with our customers. If you haven't tried fresh honey, you are in for a real treat! We are licensed beekeepers and listed with the LSU Agriculture Center.

Did you know that it is widely believed that consuming honey made by bees that live in your area can do much to relieve allergies and sniffling..

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