Treatment of Formosan-Infested Trees

Formosan termites and native subterranean termites infest trees. However, it is the Formosan termite that can injure healthy trees. Formosan and native subterranean termites feed on the dead part of the tree (inside the tree), but Formosan termites also feed on the sapwood which is the living part of a tree. When this happens, the tree is in trouble. Armstrong's does not evaluate the structural integrity of trees; it is recommended that you consult a qualified arborist for this service.

Armstrong's treats trees according to the Formosan termite initiative protocol set forth by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

The two most common Louisiana tree types infested by Formosan termites are water oaks and magnolia trees. Armstrong's issues a contract that carries a retreatment guarantee on each tree serviced.

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